We’re Looking For Talent

Auctus Partners is still in it’s early stage, however in the last few months we’ve experienced massive growth and a lot of attention. In addition having closed a handful of partnership agreements, VC interest, and seeding funding for our proprietary projects we’ve made major headway in ensuring our continued success. Want to work with a growing startup based out of Boston? Well we’re looking for talented and driven individuals. You’ll be looking at many sleepless nights, and an unhealthy amount of energy drinks (we prefer RedBull here), however the payoff in the end will be well worth it.

Think you have what it takes? Shoot us an email and tell us a little about yourself, include a resume and portfolio. Tell us a little about your goals in life, your ambitions. Do you prefer chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry ice cream, how do you feel about Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked? If we find something that interests us, we’ll reach out to you.

Auctus Partners offers a great internship program that will give you direct exposure to the projects we work on. Projects span across the following areas, but are not limited to:
  • Web Development
  • Industry Specific Market Analysis and Research
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Analyzing and Creating Successful Business Plans
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